The Publishing and Marketing Queen's Weekend Retreat

By the end of the weekend you will have...

  • written and programmed every landing page and autoresponder for each of your marketing, sales and fulfilment funnels!
  • filmed, edited and uploaded every marketing video in each of your funnels!!
  • built all your customised sales funnels yourself!!!

You will also receive...

  • training in how to duplicate any of the processes I share with you in a matter of seconds
  • complete access and rights to reuse my templates in this way for all your future books and courses
  • a step-by-step actionable plan to quickly and easily complete your current book and course after the event
Heidi Modrovich

I can honestly say that Kylee is one of the very few mentors that I have met that actually has helped me take my business to the next level! It was an absolute pleasure to have her help me fully automate my online business. I am so happy with the results, and was amazed at how much we achieved within the weekend retreat. My entire online course with all the sales funnels was set up in 2 days. There are not many people like Kylee in the world. She is an absolute, talented gem. I cannot recommend Kylee enough. She does what she says she will. Her systems deliver what she says they will. I can't wait to work with her again for my next projects!

As an added bonus you will also...

  • have all food and accommodation expenses fully covered for the whole event
  • make live sales while in the room as instant proof that what I am sharing with you works

After the weekend is over you will also receive...

  • the opportunity to book quick 15 minute consults for any questions that come up as you are writing your book
  • the same for when you are filming the content of and making the resources for your course
Natasa Denman

Kylee helped me launch a couple of Online Programs through her Automated Marketing Expertise that link up with my published books amazingly. Kylee is very detailed in her approach which is what you want in someone that creates flawless automation. Thank you Kylee for all that you have done for me and what you are doing with my authors. I look forward to both of us helping thousands to do this for themselves.

I will also...

  • promote your book listing on Amazon to help you gain bestseller status
  • become an affiliate of your course so I can share it with my list

Lastly you will also get three extra special bonuses...

  • A detailed training manual covering absolutely everything you will learn!
  • The videos I make live at the event when I walk you through every part of the process!!
  • 24/7 Facebook support to have any question that comes up after the event instantly answered!!!